Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Veggie Chips, Tasty, Sea Salt & Lime

8 delicious veggies in every ounce. Certified gluten-free. Non GMO ingredients. So light and crispy. Raised as veggies. Sold as chips. Non GMO ingredients. No MSG. No cholesterol. Vegetarian (contains dairy). No nuts. Eat Your Vegetables contains an excellent source of vitamins A & C, and a good source of vitamins D, E, Thiamin (B1) & B6. Don't let the name fool you, they're delicious. Eat Your Vegetables is a revelation in snacking! The goodness of 8 delicious veggies - in every ounce - crafted into an irresistibly crispy, crunchy, completely munchable chip. EYV Chips: Veggie heart. Chip soul. - Mary. Try with French onion, or your favorite dip. For great promotions & coupons:;; Visit us at or call 1-866-892-5365. Processed in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing nuts (tree or peanuts). Made in the USA.