Full Sail Blood Orange Hefeweizen Beer 6 ea

Ale with natural flavors added. Environment. Ingredients. Geography. Heritage. Taste. At Full Sail Brewing Co., our glass is always full. We often look out over the majestic Columbia River and the snow-capped volcanic peaks of Oregon's Mount Hood and pinch ourselves for being lucky enough to live and work in this craft-brewing epicenter. We pour crystal-clear water, locally grown malt, hops and yeast, and responsible processes into each and every can. Our decades-long commitment to crafting delicious beer, protecting the environment, and sourcing natural ingredients has earned us more than 300 awards, including 200 gold medals. Cheers - to good people, the great outdoors, and ridiculously tasty beer! Since 1987. www.fullsailbrewing.com. UNTAPPD. Twitter. Vimeo. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. We support Blue Sky renewable energy. www.pacificpower.net/bluesky. Carton is recyclable please recycle. 5.2 alc. by vol. 10.4 Proudly brewed in Hood River, Oregon.