Hartley Ostini Hitching Post Syrah, Santa Barbara County, 2014

Gray Heatley, a fisherman, & Frank Ostini, a chef, have been making wine since 1979. Fire in Frank's garage, then at several wineries, and since 2008, at the ultra-modern Terravant Wine Company in Buellton, CA. From humble beginnings to high tech, we continue to make traditional wines of balance and finesse that emphasize deep fruit, spice, and earthiness, to enjoy with food. Just north of Santa Barbara we are blessed with a wonderful diversity of climate - valleys open to the Pacific receive natural air-conditioning for cool climate grape varieties, as inland sites heat up and give favor to warm climate grapes. All these vineyards share cool summer nights that preserve the natural acidity and lively fruit of our wines. Learn more at www.HPwines.com, and come visit us in Buellton, CA. Alcohol 13.8% by volume. Produced & bottled by Hartley Ostini Vintners.