Yellow Tail Pinot Noir 2015

Made in South Eastern Australia, [ yellow tail ] Pinot Noir is a red wine that brings the flavors and essence of the region to your glass, ensuring a smile with each sip. This pinot noir is everything a great wine should be with its easy to drink, velvety taste and bright flavor profile. Featuring juicy flavors of cherries, red berries and a hint of sweet spice, this red wine is light bodied and soft with a balanced acidity. Enjoy this flavorful red wine with grilled steak and mushrooms or roasted chicken or duck. Take an adventurous approach to this bottle of wine by adding pinot noir wine to a berry slushie or frozen cocktail, perfect for sharing with friends. [ yellow tail ] wine is wonderful for livening up casual dinners with loved ones and bringing a lighthearted spirit to any and every event and celebration. This [ yellow tail ] wine bottle is 750 ml and has a 13.5% ABV. Great quality wine can be affordable and good fun too. We like our wines to be vibrant, flavorsome and approachable, making everyday moments even more enjoyable. A wine for any occasion, [ yellow tail ] is easy to choose, drink and enjoy.