Earth's Best 123 Sesame Street Organic Homestyle Mini Pancakes 8 oz Box

Yummy & tasty. Mealtime fun! Start your day with a nutritious treat. With your friends on Sesame Street. Fruits and whole grains are good for you, and Big Big likes to eat them, too. These foods give you the energy to run and jump and play, yippee! The Earth's Best Way to Grow. Organic ingredients are grown in soil without potentially harmful pesticides. Made with organic ingredients. No genetically modified ingredients. No hydrogenated oils. Earth's Best Sesame Street Organic Mini Pancakes are made from organic ingredients - no artificial flavors or potentially harmful pesticides. These pancakes are made with organic whole wheat flour. Great nutrition that's convenient for parents, and delicious and fun for children! Breakfast with a twist! Add a sweet and delicious twist to these pancakes by providing your children with small slices of colorful fruit to decorate their breakfast. Encourage them to use the fruit slices to create funny food faces or a tasty fruit pattern on their pancakes! Breakfast gives you energy to play today! As you eat together, talk to your children about the importance of starting every day with a complete breakfast to give their bodies energy to think, learn, move and play.