Lightlife Perfecto Penne Primavera Meat Free

Lightlife Meat Free Perfecto Penne Primavera With Meatless Crumbles. New! Life is a journey... live long, travel light. Nine grain pasta, zucchini, portabella mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, in a marinara sauce, with meatless crumbles. Giving back 5% since 1979*. 15g protein. 15g whole grains. No preservatives. Made with non-GMO soy. Toll-free 1-800-SOY EASY (769-3279) M-F; 9-5 EST. For more information go to or call 1-800-769-3279. Sustainable forestry initiative. Certified sourcing. This carton is recyclable. We began in 1979 in turners falls, MA, with a passion for creating great-tasting vegetarian food that is good for you and the planet. Over the years, we have grown by sticking to what is important - quality and care in everything we make, and giving back to the community. *That's why for over 30 years we have contributed 5% of profits to organizations that support the earth on which we live and healthy lifestyles for people like you. Come join us on the journey. Visit us at Hungry for more New! Lightlife, backyard grill 'n burgers, 25% bigger. Try our tasty veggie burgers!