Gillette Fusion5 Proshield Razor, Body Wash, Deodorant Gift Set

Gillette Fusion5 ProShield men’s shaving razor, with lubrication before & after the blades, shields from irritation while you shave. It features a razor handle with FlexBall technology which responds to contours and gets virtually every hair, and 5 precision blades for incredible comfort (vs. Mach3). Gillette Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Men has prescription-strength wetness protection for those who need tough protection against sweat and odor. Clear Gel gives you 48-hour protection that goes on clear. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Ocean Breeze 2-in-1 Shave Gel + Skin Care leaves sensitive skin feeling smooth, cool and refreshed. Gillette’s full line of body wash for men gives you the power and performance you want to wash away oil, dirt, sweat, and body odor every time you step in the shower. Contains one Fusion5 Razor with two blade refills, one 6 oz Fusion Proglide Ocean Breeze Shave Gel, one 16 fl oz Hydrator Body Wash, and one 1.6 oz Clinical Clear Gel Antiperspirant and Deodorant Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades (first 4 blades, vs. Fusion5) for less tug and pull (vs. Fusion5) Gillette Clinical provides prescription-strength wetness protection equivalent to a 6.25% aluminum chloride Rx product 2-in-1 Shave Gel + Skin Care leaves skin feeling smooth, cool and refreshed 5 precision blades, helping reduce pressure per blade for a comfortable shave (vs. Mach3)