Gleukos All-Natural Body Fuel, Punch

Electrolytes: Drinking a bottle of Gleukos contains the same amount of potassium as one banana. What's up with the spelling: Gleukos is Greek for glucose. Gleukos began as an MBA thesis project while Gleukos founder Mark Jensen sold shoes for Nike - also a Greek word. Gleukos cannot be turned to fat: If not used in the body Gleukos is stored as an energy reserve called glycogen. Gleukos contains no high-fructose corn syrup. Faster: Speed - 53% faster than Sport Drink A, 42% faster than Sport Drink B. Power - Delivers 13% more fuel than Sport Drink A, 7% more than Sport Drink B. Endurance - Even after 2 hours, Gleukos does not result in a fuel crash. Leaner: Gleukos is the most efficient and only fuel the body can use, requiring no digestion. It is absorbed into the blood stream almost instantly and delivered to your muscles and cells as immediate energy. Gleukos contains no preservative, sucrose, fructose or caffeine. Gleukos uses only natural ingredients and is gluten free. Lighter: 30% lighter flavor than a typical sports drink. 35% fewer calories than most energy drinks. Gleukos: no digestion; glucose. Fructose (Fruit Sugar): digestion; glucose, lactic acid, fat. Sucrose (Table Sugar): digestion; glucose, lactic acid, fat. Gluten free. No sucrose. No fructose.