Kiss My Face After Play Creme After Sun Moisturizer

Air powered creme. Skin nourishing antioxidants. New! With natural aloe & coconut water. All day hydration. Extends your tan. Fast absorbing. Long lasting hydration for your sun-soaked skin! This whipped creme lotion is enriched with skin nourishing antioxidants (shea butter, olive oil & vitamin E), along with soothing aloe and coconut water. And, this one-touch Air Powered Spray makes it easy to indulge your skin leaving it silky soft, while extending the life of your tan. So go ahead - After Play after a sun-day! - Bob & Steve, Founders & Safe Sun-Lovers. No parabens. No phthalates. No animal ingredients or testing. No chemical propellants. Biodegradable. Please recycle. Made in USA.