Inkos Half & Half, Green Tea & Lemonade

100% all natural. 50 calories per serving. Your Experience: After being the first to bring you bottled white teas in 2002, count on Inko's to give you a clean, crisp-tasting, all-natural tea not matter the variety. Your Balance: Healthy green tea and fresh-squeezed lemonade at 100 all-natural calories per can is the perfect balance for your palate and your day. Your Environment: We've heard you. You love Inko's but glass is a pain sometimes. Let's face it - there's no better recyclable carrier than the good ole aluminum 16 ouncer. Your Tea: It's our pleasure to bring you this great taste. There is no one more important than you - our great customer. Enjoy and let us hear from you! Part of the solution. We proudly donate to White Tea Cancer Research. Please recycle. Made in USA.