Oscar Mayer Sub Kit with Smoked Ham and Water Product & Cotto Salami Sliced Deli Lunch Meat, 28 oz Pack

Our easy-to-use Oscar Mayer Oscar Mayer Smoked Ham & Water Product 32% of weight is added ingredients & Cotto Salami Made with Chicken and Beef, Pork Added Lunch Meat Sub Kit contains quality deli meats. Quickly craft a sub sandwich with Oscar Mayer smoked ham and cotto salami when you're low on time. With 80 calories per serving, our ham and cotto salami slices are fully cooked with a rich, mouthwatering flavor. Use our sandwich meat to make a fast ham and cotto salami melt in the oven, or create your own easy sub sandwich. Smoked ham and cotto salami sliced sandwich meats are the perfect option for school lunches or crafting your own sub at home. Both Oscar Mayer lunch meats are included in a resealable 28-ounce package. If you like smoked ham and cotto salami, be sure to try our other varieties of deli meats like smoked turkey and rotisserie chicken.