Melitta World Harvest Whole Bean Premium Coffee, Kona Blend

An exotic harmony of flavor exceptionally smooth & balanced. Melitta's world-renowned reputation for premium coffee began nearly 50 years ago. Over the years a lot of things have changed but one thing has always remained consistent, Melitta's strict adherence to providing the highest quality premium coffee possible. At Melitta we use only the top 2% of all Arabica beans harvested each year. These higher quality beans are primarily sourced from smaller family farms that are located at the highest altitudes in the world's best coffee producing regions. Our beans are batch roasted and packed fresh from the roaster to ensure that the coffee you brew is as fresh and flavorful as nature intended. Melitta World Harvest offers a full range of premium whole bean coffees to satisfy the tastes of any discriminating coffee lover. From our handpicked single origin coffees to our rich and indulgent flavored coffees, Melitta's unique quality is evident in every sip. 100% High altitude Arabica beans. Melitta Whole Bean Coffees feature premium quality reserved for those who demand the planet's most superb coffee. Now discover the world without leaving your home.