Izze Esque Juice Beverage, Sparkling Limon

Pure fruit juice from concentrate & sparkling water. All natural. With other natural flavors. All natural flavored juice beverage. Per Bottle: 50 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 10 mg sodium (1% DV); 11 g sugars. Nothing artificial. 25% pure fruit juice. Low calorie. For good. We partner with Global Education Fund (GEF) to help provide educational opportunities and resources to needy children around the world. This year, GEF is focusing its efforts in Kenya where many children do not have free access to education or learning tools, like textbooks. For more information go to www.izze.com. 25% pure fruit juice & sparkling water. Discover more at izze.com. You'll love what's inside. Izze Esque is a low calorie sparkling juice beverage in the style of our original. Made with 25% fruit juice and sparkling water, Izze Esque has less than half the calories and sugar of our leading original Izze sparkling flavored juice beverages (Low calorie, 40 calories or less per 8 fl oz [240 ml]) (Izze Esque contains 50 calories and 11 g sugar compare to 120 calories and 28 g sugar for our leading original Izze sparkling flavored fruit beverages), and with nothing artificial it leaves you naturally refreshed. Limon - split personality. Why decide between the zing of lemon and the zest of lime when you can have them both? Thanks for looking at our bottom! Please recycle.