Lipton To Go Sticks Iced Tea Mix, White Tea, Raspberry

Raspberry flavor with other natural flavor. 0 calories. Sugar free per 8 fl oz serving. Add tea goodness and flavor to your water! Made with real tea. Naturally contains tea goodness tea flavonoids (tea naturally contains flavonoids. This tea contains 80mg of flavonoids per serving. Regular drinking tea [based on 2-3 cups per day], as part of a healthy diet, may help maintain healthy vascular function. This product contains 15mg caffeine per 8 fl oz serving). All the goodness of tea. Add tea goodness and flavor to your water! Lipton White Tea To Go Raspberry has a clean, refreshingly light taste and naturally contains the goodness of real tea. Lipton drink better. Live better. Flavonoid content (USDA database for the flavonoid content of selected foods, release 2.1 [2007]) of selected beverages & foods: Lipton White Tea 80 mg per serving; cranberry juice 52 mg per serving; orange juice 33mg per serving; broccoli 1mg per serving; coffee 0.5 mg per serving. One packet of White Tea To Go Raspberry is 0 calories - makes 16-20 fl oz.