Traditional Medicinals Tummy Comfort Kids Herbal Tummy Ache Tea Bags - 18 CT

Herbal Supplement. New look. Same great tea! Since 1974. Kids teas. Created by herbalists. Fair Trade certified ingredients. Non GMO Project: Verified. USDA organic. When Hubert Hippo has a tummy ache, he doesn’t want to eat or drink anything. He doesn't want to play outside. He doesn't even want to go to the circus! Luckily, he's got a Tea-ger the Tiger for a friend. Tea-ger knows all about special plants that can make Hubert's tummy feel good. When Hubert has a tummy ache, Tea-ger goes to his garden and picks these special herbs to make organic Tummy Comfort tea. Tea-ger makes the tea taste good too, so Hubert loves his organic Tummy Comfort tea. Your child will enjoy the pleasant taste of chamomile, lemon balm and peppermint in organic Tummy Comfort tea. Brew well to be well! Just for Kids Organic Tummy Comfort Tea is made especially for your child. Children's bodies need special attention and care. We've made this tea for your child with mild herbs in child-size amounts that will help relax your child's digestive system, by soothing occasional indigestion, gas or stomach upset. Using classic European herbal combinations, the wisdom of generations has been merged with modern scientific methods to create a tea that will help ease your child's stomachache. Organic Tummy Comfort is good for your child and good for the Earth! The organic and Fair Trade certified labels are a simple way for you to know that the herb in this product were produced under socially, environmentally and economically sustainable conditions. We've Got the Right Stuff: We raise the bar. The quality standard of the herbs we use is hard to pronounce, difficult to meet, and it's what makes us different, better. We're not ashamed to say it. Pharmacopoeial: it's the only quality standard our herbalists can rely on when blending teas for your health and wellness. Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). 100% certified organic ingredients. Naturally caffeine free herbal tea. This is the pharmacopoeial quality standard we use because quality matters. Reduce, reuse recycle. 100% recycled carton (at least 55% verified post-consumer waste). Solar & wind power. Solar panels provide about 70% of our electricity in our manufacturing facility. We offset the rest with wind-energy credits. Compostable tea bags. Tea bags are made from compostable manila fiber paper. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)