vitaminwater variety pack nutrient enhanced water w/ vitamins, 20 fl oz, 12 Pack,

this just in: there’s some good news for good people who like good stuff—there’s more of it (because we put more in there). you know the bottle of liquid beverage that has a color moment everywhere it goes? yeah, you know the one. ​ well, vitaminwater is still the same flavored water beverage with vitamins and deliciousness, but now it’s a bazillion times more good because of all the nutrient enhancements and its sports-level hydration. and yes, it still has an iconic color moment everywhere it goes (we could never change that). ​ okay, okay, let’s get to the point. what does this upgrade mean for you? it means vitamins. and electrolytes. and more nutrients. which are all good things. with 100 calories per 20oz bottle. ​ and that's bad news for the people who like bad stuff. ​ so, make sure to pick up a variety pack if you’re a do-gooder or a good stuff appreciator or a color icon, just like us.​