Road Crew Crunch Toasted Coconut Turn

A collision of rich dark chocolate, raisins, rice puffs, toasted coconut & pretzels. Caution: May cause snack addiction! Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Non GMO (Not made with genetically engineered ingredients). Made with gluten free ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors. Delicious. A perfect blend of dark chocolate, raisins, rice puffs, toasted coconut and pretzels. It all started with the Rexroad family, specifically Texas-native Grandmother Jo and her recipe for a delicious chocolate snack mix she called Gravel. We've taken that heirloom recipe and created new and exciting flavors that we know you'll love. A collision of your favorite crunchy snacks drenched in rich and creamy coatings to give you one outrageous snacking experience! Sweet and salty flavors paired with a crunchy mouth-feel guaranteed to keep you digging for more. With beginnings on dirt roads, then country roads, to state highways and finally interstates - with all sorts of speed bumps and detours along the way - this family recipe has finally made it across America! Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA: Fair Trade Certified chocolate liquor; Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter; more than 20% Fair Trade ingredients. Questions or comments? Visit or call 1-800-774-6400. Try all our flavors! Visit us: Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.