QBel Q Thins Wafers, Thin, Double Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut

All natural. Made with whole grains. 100% natural. Belgian dark chocolate. 70% cacao. 35 calories per wafer. Non GMO project verified. Made from 95% recycled paper. What's with Q? Q stands for our quest for a quantum leap in quintessential quality treats. It's also for our quirky purple box - it's even quite! And bel is a tribute to Isabel, whose passion for all natural indulgence inspired Q.bel. Be true. Be honest. Be good. We are serious about our values. Learn how we put them into action at www.qbelfoods.com. We all know we should eat better. But get real! You're not going to stop enjoying an occasional treat. And when you do, you want it to taste great. Don't settle for natural food taste. With Q Thins, you can indulge with a good conscience. Thin, crisp, delicate wafers with luxurious filling and double dark Belgian chocolate - what could be better? Whole grain, that's what! 25% of the flour in our wafers is from tiny, amino-acid-rich whole grain teff, an ancient Ethiopian grain treasured by that country's legendary long distance runners. Get a little whole grain with your crisp chocolate indulgence. Real indulgence. Real whole grain. 35 calories each! No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No hydrogenated oils. Made in the Netherlands.