Sahale Snacks Snack Mix, Mango Tango

Enjoy a tangy, nourishing snack on your next adventure with Sahale Snacks Grab & Go Mango Tango Almond Trail Mix. Featuring a delicious blend of salty, spicy, and sweet flavors, this trail mix pairs dry-roasted almonds and peanuts with sweet, chewy dried mango and banana chips. A kick of chipotle chili and tart lime add a zingy finishing touch. Great for mountaineering, traveling, and commuting, the mix comes packaged in a conveniently sized pouch that stores easily in a handbag or glove box. Whether you're an adventurous culinary explorer seeking out unique flavor combinations or simply looking for a nourishing, portable treat, Sahale Snacks mixes are certain to thrill your taste buds.